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How Jane Foster Could Evolve in Phase 3 and Beyond

Now, it may come as a surprise to some people, but within the last week or so, the female Thor in Marvel Comics was revealed to be none other than Jane Foster.

JaneNeedless to say, it was a bit of a shock, but nothing unprecedented. Because when a comic series wants to go for a shock, they pick someone the audience would never have guessed while still maintaining it is someone close so they do not have to work too hard from a creative standpoint. Nonetheless, it caused a very strong reacion from fans. Even Marvel’s “Avengers” film director Joss Whedon has suggested a picture of Starbuck from “Battlestar Galactica” as the female Thor.


But now we that we know it is Jane Fothor-001-1ster, this could open a whole new realm of possibilities. Natalie Portman is an Oscar Winning actress. She is stunning, and she is a scientist to boot in real life. Nothing about that says she couldn’t be an amazing Thor. With everyone talking about Game of Thrones or Captain AmericaCivil War, they are missing ample opportunity to think of what could happen to Thor in his Norse-Deity Armageddon, also known as Ragnarok.

JaneHeader1What if they decided to kill Hemworth’s Thor and someone else, someone from Midgard, Earth, had to lift the hammer to battle Thanos in the Infinity Wars  Part One? Jane could lift the hammer in a mournful tribute to Thor or perhaps as a means to do more than just use science to better humanity. Though, she should still get a Nobel Prize as mentioned in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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Then, at least, we could have a female Thor. This works especially well if Cap should meet his end, or at least be taken out of the game for a while, like he was in the comics after he events of Civil War. This way they can assemble a whole new team to do battle with a certain Mad Titan.

Though, this would most likely not be the best time, considering Hemsworth still has three contradicted movies to be in, including both of the Avengers: Infinity Wars.

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He even went on the record and said:

“I’m three films away from [the end of my contract]; I’ve got Avengers 3 and and I’ve got Thor 3.”


It is far more likely that a female Thor will not happen until after Phase 3, if it should happen at all. But I know many fans who would be excited at the prospect of it.

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