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J-Law Leaving X-Men Franchise

MTV got Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence together recently and she told them that X-Men Apocalypse , which is coming out May 27, 2016 by the by, “is my last one, actually.” To go further,  geektyrant thinks, “…it doesn’t seem like she’s too terribly upset about it, either.”

Now what that means  for the X-Men future, or more specifically Mystique’s future, is a bit more unknown. But seeing how they are handling things, it should be in perfectly good hands. Personally, this leads to me wondering if she is going to die or if she will transition into older Mystique. And if that is the case, will fans be seeing more of Ian McKellen’s Magneto and Patrick Stewart’s Xavier?


One way or another it is an exciting time for X-Men fans.

What do you think of Jennifer Lawrence leaving the X-Men? What are you hoping will happen after Apocalypse?

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