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Review: Logan

Here is a pair of quick, little spoiler free reviews for the newest X-Men release…Logan!  One from a new writer for us, Agent Beard!

Agent Beard:


So me and the some of the G33k-HQ crew took a short trip to watch Logan on the big screen. The film comes in at 2 hours and 20minutes, that’s a long time to be seated, and frankly not sure I want to sit that long, even for something as good as this movie. It was worth it, Logan was a surprisingly well written movie, and it does something I always look for, it stands alone. This is a movie that anyone can watch and follow from start to finish with no real knowledge of the Marvel Universe. It’s action packed, it has a well written story, it is downright one of the best superhero films I’ve seen in a long while. Is this movie re-watchable for me? YES! I want to see it again, but it definitely runs a little long. Does this movie learn from the movies that came before it? Yes, it sure does. The violence level in this movie is intense, but in the right way, the violence has entertainment value without being overly gory or too much. This brings us to pacing, most movies that I have seen recently just cannot get a good handle on how to properly pace a movie and this movie had it down to a science. So before this becomes a rant about the current filmmaking, Logan has the story, pacing, and well worth the run time, Go see it!



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We assembled a group of fans who magically had NOT seen Logan yet and drove down to Vacaville to catch the movie (we had plans to hit Fenton’s afterwards).  Unfortunately, even though we were an hour early, the showing was sold out!  The theater we selected was one that had assigned seating so we checked the next showing…that was SOLD OUT!  Even the one three hours from then was sold out.  I have mixed feelings about the advanced ticket sales, we wasted a whole trip down and couldn’t see the film…even though the box office displayed the showings as available.  We ended up driving to Fairfield to catch the film.  Logan is an amazing film, it really is the Wolverine movie we have all been waiting for.  Gritty, savage, exciting, and touching all at the same time.  It should be no surprise to anyone that Dafne Keen  (Refugees) was excellent as X-23 (Laura).  Her fight sequences rivaled Wolverine’s and were sometimes even more intense.  I’m not going to go into the film at length, it is a road movie, very seventies feel to it.  The interactions between Logan and Professor X were awesome…seeing Xavier go at it like this was worth the price of admission.  It is a bleak outlook on the near future of the X-Men franchise, but delivers a compelling story that needed to be told.  Hugh Jackman has stated this is his last turn as Wolverine, it is a fitting exit for this fantastic performer.  One silver lining to this is Mr. Jackman has stated he could be coaxed back into the part IF Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox could work together and place Wolverine in the Marvel Universe…I say DO IT!!!!!

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