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Some Avengers 2 Easter Eggs

This article contains MINOR spoilers, read at your own risk.



We had a blast watching Avengers last night, things flew by pretty fast, but we caught some of the Easter Eggs and have included them here.  Like any other Marvel movie, Avengers 2: Age of Ultron was ripe with Easter Eggs, we’ll start of slow with Friday AIthese two involving Iron Man.  Later in the film Iron Man needs a replacement for the JARVIS A.I. and resorts to an old stack of data chips labeled with hand written names, the one he selects is FRIDAY.  First appearing in Iron Man: Iron Protocols by X-O Manowar writer Robert Venditti, Friday was created to be a virtual assistant to Tony Stark/Iron Man. When he eventually im2_jocasta2lost interest and stopped interacting with her, she came back with a spiteful streak.  Interestingly Tony passes on several chips before selecting FRIDAY, one of those he passes on is marked JOCASTA!  Jocasta first appears in The Avengers (vol. 1) #162 (August 1977) and was created by Jim Shooter and George Pérez.  In a very Bride of Frankenstein way the robot named Jocasta was built by the robot Ultron in an abandoned aerospace research center in Nassau, Long Island, New York, in order that he might have a mate.  Seeing that Ultron is seemingly completely destroyed it is doubtful this storyline will ever be seen on the screen,  but it was a nice nod to the comics.

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Another great little tip of the hat to the comics involves Jack “The King” Kirby himself!  Way back when Captain America first joined the Avengers in the Marvel Comic Universe Jack wanted to help make his character more relevant in the “modern” world of the 60’s.  Cap was Outfitted with various gadgets from S.H.I.E.L.D. and Iron Man, some with more success than others, like this magnetic glove he used to help control his shield.  We see Cap put this to use in the assault on Baron Strucker’s HYDRA base.


There are assuredly more Easter Eggs to come and we’ll keep you up to date.  Share any you caught in the comments below and we’ll try to use them in the next article!

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