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Weird Science: Real Life Wolverine Claws

Check out these awesome real life Wolverine claws that extend when you flex!  How do the claws know when you’re flexing?  They incorporate new sensor technology from MyoWare.  Place the pads on your arm and flex. As you do so, the MyoWare detects whether or not you’re flexing (or even how hard you’re flexing) through electromyography. It converts your flex into a digital signal, then fires that off to an Arduino for whatever commands you might have wired up. In this case: Arm flexed? Snikt!

MyoWare is currently in the middle of an already-successful Kickstarter campaign.



Here is a short video of this DIY project:

They’ve released the full tutorial on Makezine. Get to building!

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Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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