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Where Does Kit Harington Fit in the MCU?

Disney’s D23 Expo last weekend brought out some major cinematic announcements, including a slew of casting developments. And one of them has spawned an enticing theory — Kit Harington’s Eternals casting could lead to the Avengers. As in, yes, the man who roamed the Seven Kingdoms as Jon Snow for eight seasons on Game of Thrones might be breaking into the blockbuster superhero franchise next.

To recap, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige announced on Saturday that Harington had joined the cast of The Eternals in the role of Dane Whitman (aka the Black Knight). In the comics, the Eternals are a group of super-powered humanoids created millions of years ago through ancient humans’ experiments. So, they’re a lot like superheroes themselves — think flying, teleporting, tossing buildings with their bare hands sort of behavior. Harington’s character, Dane Whitman, is the modern-day descendant of a line of cursed knights from the time of King Arthur. He took up the mantle of the Black Knight from his uncle, who had become a villain. This incarnation, then, should be seeking to redeem the name of the Black Knight. Sounds right up Harington’s alley, eh?

Dane Whitman, the Black Knight

So, what does this have to do with the Avengers movies? Well, as pointed out by The Hollywood Reporter, the comic version of Whitman becomes a major member of the Avengers team — effectively stepping in as de facto field leader in the absence of Captain America. Since we all know Chris Evans is bowing out of the Captain America role, the timing seems to line up perfectly.

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As for what this means for Harington’s involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, well, it stands to mean a lot. For starters, it makes for an easy transition into the Avengers film franchise once the character is introduced through The Eternals. Then there’s the fact that the comic background of the Black Knight includes a storied legacy, so it lends itself well to the possibility of a standalone movie or spinoff based on the character’s past.

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And, finally, can we talk about the fact that this could mean a Kit Harington-Gemma Chan onscreen romance? In the comics, Whitman becomes romantically entangled with another Eternal, Sersi. As we now know, that role went to Chan. That romance could serve as the epicenter of its own future franchise or, at the very least, we can hope the two of them make an Avengers cameo together. It worked for Black Widow and Hawkeye!

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