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Marvel Forges a Battleworld for “Secret Wars”

BattleworldTime is running out.


For the last two weeks, Marvel has been running a lot of new promos for old events (“Civil War”, “House of M”, “Infinity Gauntlet”, e.t.c.) with the words “Summer 2015”. Many people have been speculating what Marvel has been up to (after sifting out the annoying ones going “No More Ideas!” and such). Now, as revealed on their youtube channel, Marvel has forged a new Battleworld for Secret Wars to commence in.




It seems to be that the universes that these promos have been hinting at will form the nations of this Battleworld. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, because there was one promo that was not shown within this video:


Everything Ends

This may be just hinting to the end of the “Time Runs Out” crossover that will lead into “Secret Wars”, or it could mean something…more…

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From Jonathan Hickman's "Fantastic Four"
From Jonathan Hickman’s “Fantastic Four”


Secret Wars #1 written by Jonathan Hickman and art by Esad Ribic with covers by Alex Ross will be released May 2015.

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