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Marvel’s Next Major Storyline Event…’Civil War II’

It looks like the Marvel Universe is going to see it’s second Civil War in it’s upcoming event series. Billed (rather uncreatively) as ‘Civil War II’, the Daily News reports that during Marvel Comics’ secret semi-annual editorial retreat that the big event in question will be killing off a major character. Wait…didn’t this already happen with the first Civil War story event?

Well in this one Iron Man is going to be fighting on one side and it looks like Spider-Man will also be…involved…in…it…wait…that’s exactly what happened in the first one. For those unfamiliar with the original 2006 to 2007 major Marvel storyline event, the cliff notes version is that Captain America went up against Iron Man in “an allegory about national security versus personal liberties.” Which is being adapted into the upcoming movie ‘Captain America: Civil War’ with a few tweaks.

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As a long time fan of Marvel…I can’t help but feel this to be a bit insulting. While I understand they’re looking to capitalize on the new film as they did with ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’, this sequel is pretty much a cash grab that I can’t help but feel will be rather lackluster. As a fan I much rather see them invest in an original story event (and even fail at it) then just rehashing an old storyline just because of their shiny new Marvel Cinematic Universe. What do you think?


[Source: Daily News]

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