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Mini Review: Deadpool

This will be a brief a SPOILER FREE review…well there is ONE small spoiler right at the beginning, so be forewarned.

I spent my perfect Valentine’s this weekend.  I was at Grape City Con (which I help produce), hung out with a bunch of my friends (my cosplay family!), and got to see DEADPOOL!!!

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Deadpool starts to deliver right from the opening credits and doesn’t let up until the last frame ends.  MINOR SPOILER deadpool_toy_figure_by_rodschach-d5s846qabout the opening credits, they are not conventional.  It’s interesting because the Directors Guild has strict rules about the credits for movies, which George Lucas famously ended up on the wrong side of with his refusal to include standard opening credits in Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back.  That ended up costing him not only a fine, but his Guild membership.  There can be exceptions made, so it is possible 20th Century Fox paid a fee to wave the standard opening titles.

The film continued the riff on the marketing portrayal of itself as a romantic Valentine’s Day movie.  The filming that I attended was PACKED.  I was sort of surprised to see people who were self admittedly NOT comic fans there to give the Deadpool a chance.  Superhero movies really have entered the mainstream when the average movie-goer will attend not having any idea of who the title character actually is.  I must have “geek” tattooed on my forehead, because I always seem to get asked to clarification about points in the movie by complete strangers.  Then film is extremely graphic, with scenes involving brutal violence, explicit sex, and more f*bombs than you can count.

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Whether you are a fan of the comics or the modern X-Men movies, Deadpool finds a way to keep both audiences appeased.  There is just enough seriousness to make the film fit into the current cinematic canon, and just enough goofiness to keep fans of the comics (and everyone else) laughing.  For me,  a good measure of any comedy is how many times you actually laugh out loud, and there were plenty of those moments in Deadpool.  For any good action movie, you want those moments that you just HAVE to see again…and Deadpool also delivers those in abundance.   20th Century Fox has made up for the abomination that was Deadpool in Wolverine: Origins.  There a plenty of great references to the Marvel Film Universe, and even some self deprecating jabs made all in fun at the expense of the movies themselves.deadpool_movie_colossus

Now it might sound like the film is perfect, it’s not, but damn close.  In only say that because I know some of you have a hard time accepting the altered story lines in the movies, as I do myself sometimes, but the movie really was exceptional!  Ryan Reynolds was born to play Wade Wilson and he really does the character justice.  He seems to genuinely enjoy the role and has fun with it throughout the movie.  Stefan Kapicic and Brianna Hildebrand, as Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, stole the scene every time they appeared (which is quite a task to do playing opposite of Deadpool!).


As always, make sure you stay till the very end for a classic stinger…I will say that I called this one! (without reading any spoilers in advance).  It was quite funny and gives you something to REALLY look forward to in Deadpool 2!

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