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My Top 10 Favorite Moments of “The Flash” Season One



The Flash, and subsequently the rest of what I’ve been calling the CWDC Universe, has set the standard for live-action superhero universes. I know that we all talk about and love the MCU, but it was this show that made me remember why I was always a DC kid instead of Marvel. With the absolute love and adoration for it’s source material and the wonderful performances from the entire cast, The Flash had so many moments that made me giddy, both as a comic fan and as a human being. Making this list was not easy.


As such, there will be spoilers from the ENTIRE SEASON on this list. You have been warned.

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Days to Come

  1. Days to Come (Episode 1×23: “Fast Enough”)


When Barry finally pierces the space-time continuum to travel back in time, he gets glimpses of everything. All of eternity. His past, present and yet to come. We saw a look at the much beloved Flash Museum (which as one review described, completely invalidates the intentions of the New 52 reboot, much to my agreement). We saw the inevitable tragedy of Caitlin as Killer Frost. We saw the coming Legends of Tomorrow (which is still a goofy as hell name). We also saw a surprising look at a Barry Allen in handcuffs, alluding to the “Trial of Barry Allen” storyline.


But it wasn’t just Barry traveling through the bleed that we saw a look at the future. Over the season, Cisco has been able to remember events of the aborted timeline where Eobard Thawne killed him. Here, it’s finally confirmed by Eobard himself: the particle accelerator explosion did affect Cisco and he can see alterations in time, different vibrations of the multiverse, if you will.

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And finally, the moment that nearly made me jump from my seat and shout “Flash Family!”. When Eobard is about to depart through the wormhole to go home, what pops out? A helmet with the wings of Mercury. It’s the helmet of the original, Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick. And let me just say, I loved just how terrified Eobard looked at just the helmet, knowing what would be coming.


  1. The Lightning Bolt (Episode 1×01: “Pilot”)


The moment that literally started it all. Yes, in real life, this would kill you immediately, but still to see that moment in live action? Chills.




  1. Captain Cold (Episode 1×04: “Going Rogue”)


There was a lot of great casting in this show. Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold was definitely up there on the list. He was able to balance the, let’s face it, kinda campy nature of a blue collar criminal in a parka and be deadly serious as well, plus all the glorious snark to go with it.


  1. Iris Confronting Barry (Episode 1×21 “Grodd Lives”)


One thing that annoyed the crap out of me for most of the season was the whole “to protect Iris,

we have to not tell her that Barry is the Flash” nonsense coming from Barry, Joe and Eddie. So when the episode “Grodd Lives” came up and she pretty much called everyone out on their idiocy, I was so thrilled! I really hope now that Iris is among the team, she can have a bigger presence.



  1. Dawn of Justice (Episode 1×22: “Rogue Air”)


Oh yeah. I went there.


All the news out of DC’s Cinematic Universe has left me with nothing but fear and trepidation. I have been incredibly lukewarm about their plans for the Justice League. Especially considering we’ve got the beginnings of a pretty kick ass looking league here in the CWDCU. Flash, Green Arrow, Firestorm plus heroes waiting in the wings like Arsenal, Atom, Vibe, Hawkwoman, Rip Hunter, and the little tiny hints of Green Lantern.


And it just proves something that DC and Warner Brothers need to get through their heads: We Don’t Need No Batman and Superman. The DC character library is so rich and vibrant that it doesn’t need to rely on the old horses anymore.


  1. A Hero’s Choice (Episode 1×23: “Fast Enough”)

When Eddie Thawne first showed up, I thought “Oh yeah. Cop McManmuscle who will be ‘rival’ to Barry who will end up being a jerk and the start of the Reverse-Flash line.” Turns out, no, not at all. The writers went the distance to make Eddie not only an interesting character, but avoided all the cliches that would’ve been expected. Eddie went through a great character arc, in particular the last several episodes (made even better by Rick Cosnett’s great talent). It all led up to his final moment to stop his distant descendent from causing any more chaos. Now I know this is probably not the last we will see of him due to the nature of this show, but it was still a tearful moment.


  1. GRODD (Episode 1×21: “Grodd Lives”)


This is on the list for one reason: It shows the production behind Flash being willing embrace the absolute silliness of the source material and make it its own. I can just imagine this:


Man of Steel Producer: Oh, we want to go with a much more grounded and realistic take on Superman.

The Flash Producer: We are going to put a giant fricken gorilla in our first season and it’s gonna be awesome!

And it shows that the production has faith in its audience to be just as embracing of this type of insanity that superheroes is all about.


  1. Sad Grant Gustin Makes Me Sad (Episode 1×23: “Fast Enough”)


Confession: I don’t really like the Barry Allen in the comics. Apart from him having been dead for most of my existence on this Earth, his resurrection served as an example of the character regression that wouldn’t take full swing at DC until September of 2011. But then in came this show and it made me care about Barry Allen and a great deal about that was because of Grant Gustin’s charming and heartfelt performance as the character. I won’t lie, this scene caused me to lose it for two reasons: 1. It averted the road to Flashpoint I thought they were going for. 2. Gustin’s performance as Barry got some closure in perhaps one of the most shattering ways possible.



  1. Speed Force (Episode 1×17: “Tricksters”)


You’ll see me talk more about this when we get to the top moment, but I have to give a lot of credit to the writing and actor Tom Cavanagh. He took a character who, in the comics, didn’t have a lot of depth to him and made him, while a villain, a much more complex character. It was in this scene, where Barry learns how to vibrate through physical objects, that interested me. This speech from Eobard Thawne about the Speed Force perfectly describes the concept in such a way that further strengthens the teacher-student relationship he and Barry had. I love this speech so much, I hope in future seasons Barry uses it to help a power-troubled Wally or Bart.


  1.  “To me, you’ve been dead for centuries” (Episode 1×15: “Out of Time”)


This was one of the hardest top tens lists I’ve ever had to do. There were so many more I could’ve put on here. I left out such characters as Hartley Rathaway, Captain Singh and the Trickster for it and it saddens me that I had to. At the end of the day, this moment, the moment that left me bawling. That left me shouting about it on twitter a week later, was my favorite moment from the season.

It’s the moment where Harrison Wells reveals to Cisco Ramon that he is the Reverse-Flash and his true name is Eobard Thawne. So many questions about who Wells was were answered before the knife was twisted for us fans. Like I said, Tom Cavanagh made the Reverse-Flash a much more complex and enjoyable villain than he ever was in the comics. And as great as he was in this scene, the true accolades have to go to Carlos Valdes. He played Cisco as a fan of the weird and the super, but all the positive aspects of a fan. The father-son relationship the character developed with Wells was so heartfelt, it just makes this scene more powerful (Note: The tears Cisco sheds? That was ad libbed by Valdes). Yes, time travel averted these events and would serve as a plot point for the revelation involving Cisco at the season finale, but it makes this scene no less impactful for us fans.



Everyone involved with this production was absolutely astonishing. It is everything I look for in superhero adaptations. I cannot wait for Season Two to begin. What were your favorite moments? Comment and let me know!

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