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Netflix Defenders Review

Daredevil Season one and two, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist each with one season building toward The Defenders. The titular heroes would unite much like The Avengers, almost uncannily so.

Each show on their own, much like these heroes, had strengths and weaknesses. Where season one of Daredevil was a critical success, Iron Fist was considered to be a low point from Rotten Tomatoes to The Death Battle Cast.

So it was intriguing that when you watch this series that Iron Fist is front and center as the enemy to the Hand, which was hinted at in the show Iron Fist.

Well? How did it do? Was it any good? Worth a watch?

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In all honesty, yes. The strength of this show is you can watch it all on its own, but much like Marvel movies, it rewards the audience for paying attention to the other shows and looking closely at the show at hand.

Catching people up where the previous shows left off, Defenders tells the audience what to expect. It shares the spotlight between four unique individuals. Despite there being similarities between some of these characters, such as both Daredevil and Iron Fist being master martial artists, Luke and Jessica being tough SoBs, the simplistic nobility of Luke and Danny, or even Jessica and Matt’s being involved with people on a more personal level, each does things differently to show. It culminates to there is no right or wrong way to be a hero if you just keep trying, keep fighting.

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The shows does suffer some problems though. It is the standard Marvel stuff. One, the villain brainwashes a former ally to be a strong adversary to the enemy. Two, the climax of their battle. And three, the plot twist at the end. All of those things came straight from the first Avengers film. It suffers from the stuff Netflix puts out for Marvel. By that, if you think the enemy you have in the beginning will be making it to the final episode, get over yourself. Now I won’t say which villain, but when it comes to Luke Cage and the forgettable Cottonmouth or the Russians in Daredevil’s first season. Honestly, I am shocked David Tennant Kilgrave made it to the end of Jessica Jones. It also suffers from the stretching certain plot points for the sake of drama and run time.

Where it shines, however, is where it shines like a beacon. The shows explains where our heroes are. It even goes as far to show that one or two of them really aren’t heroes. We’re looking at you, Jessica. But when it comes for them to come together, not only does it happen in a grand way, it feels just right. It is a personal set of Avengers. These care about the old lady crossing the street. You know, mostly. Looking at you again, Jessica. Also, it gives excellent fan service and creative matches to pit people against so that fans can wonder who can win, who won’t.


Ultimately, if the Defenders is not on your end of Summer watch list, you are doing yourself a disservice. If you enjoyed any of the shows, watch it to just see how the worlds of these in particular vigilantes collide. It lets a fan hope that the future of Marvel’s television series have a place in the MCU while feeling like a fan can actually enjoy some good television. Give it a shot. This is easily the second best piece of Marvel television, right behind the first season of Daredevil.

These are the real heroes of New York. They aren’t here to Avenge anything. They are not here to doll out Justice.  When the system is corrupt, when you have no one to turn to, when the cops can’t help you, you know you will have giants standing between the denizen of the criminal underground. These are your Defenders.

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