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Netflix gives blind fans of Daredevil the audio descriptions they asked for

It is great to see that Marvel and Netflix both listen to their fans. People were up in arms over the fact that Daredevil is a show about a blind superhero and the blind fans had no access to the series because Netflix lacked the audio description feature. The comic world has been petitioning for Netflix to make the show available to all of its fan including the blind.

This is dear to my heart personally because I am legally blind in one eye and losing sight in the other eye.  I want the ability to enjoy Marvel shows when I do lose my sight.


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Even actors were on the campaign to get Netflix to add audio description to the Daredevil series.


Today Netflix made the series accessible with the audio description feature. It definitely shows that if fans all work together we can accomplish anything. This is a step in the right direction. Netflix is also saying they are moving in the direction to expand it to more of its more popular shows. The audio narration will be available as an alternate track like any other audio track.

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The FCC requires stations like NBC and ABC to adapt at least 50 hours of their programming to be blind accessible per quarter. That isn’t really a lot when you think about it. Tv stations run 100’s of hours of shows a quarter and a very small amount of them. When you think about it , it is like at most 3 shows per quarter.


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