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If you aren’t already familiar with web comics you are missing out. Its’ another platform that is easily accessible and usually free! Web comics are online comics that are published on a website, they are usually both web and mobile friendly!

Web comics can provide a little more artistic freedom in that they are not subject to the content restrictions that most book publishers or newspapers have. The style and format can still be pretty traditional consisting of three or four panels; they can also come in a page form rather than just a strip. You may be wondering how can they make a profit if they are free? Online comics can generate revenue from sources such as advertising, selling original art, merchandise, subscription fees and donations from readers.

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The best digital comics platform is Line Webtoon. Here you have access to hundreds of comics for free on the web and mobile devices. You can download the mobile app here. Line Webtoon offers daily updates of all different genres of comics for FREE!! You can find dramatic, fantasy, comedic, actionpacked, thrillers, superhero, sports,, and even romantic comics.

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So here are some web comics that you should check out!


HEROINE CHIC (releases every Monday)


“Super-heroes are always in fashion”


This fashion-based series first released in October 2015, combines two very different worlds: Fashion and Comics. Heroine Chic was created by writer David Tischman and illustrated by comic artist Audrey Mok. It is being released in 26 chapters. Think Devil Wears Prada meets super heroes!!

We follow Zoe Porter, a Parsons grad with dreams of launching her own line of superhero costumes at New York Fashion Week. She becomes a fashion assistant for difficult and crazy yet genius designer Dyna Cuff; the top designer of superhero costumes. Her superhero clients are just as crazy; they can also be vain and insecure. This comic is feisty, humorous, and full of expletives! Warning not for children!

In an interview Tischman had with fashion resource Refinery 29, he mentions he got the idea for “Heroine Chic” after he spotted a woman on the street in shiny leggings and a sports bra, an outfit that reminded him of a superhero costume.

“The big-selling comics have traditionally been superhero comics. And until recently, that’s meant comics for boys. But now, 47% of the people reading comics are women — and it’s changing everything… It’s time for a comic book about the fashion industry.”

“Comic-book costumes aren’t designed for the real world, and those costumes don’t always work in the movies; there have to be real-world adjustments. And that gets a lot of people talking about the source material and whether Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow costume is functional.”

You can read the whole interview here:

“Zoe Porter isn’t a superhero. She doesn’t have super powers. But she is going to become the hero of her own life. And she’s going to do it with style. A modern young woman in a post-modern NYC. High flying high fashion.”



The Red Hook (releases every Wednesday)

 What happens when Brooklyn’s heart is broken?”



This new web comic is the first title of a brand new comic universe, New Brooklyn. The Red Hook, recently launched in March 2016. New Brooklyn was the creation of five Brooklyn-based artists and writers: notable comic artist Dean Haspiel, Vito Delsante, Ricardo Venâncio, Shamus Beyale, and the late Seth Kushner.

The series follows the adventures of three superheroes, which emerge in the fallout from Brooklyn’s decision to secede from New York State. The premise of New Brooklyn is that the humanized borough literally chooses to tear itself away from New York, with its bridges collapsing and its tunnels flooding. Artist Dean Haspiel’s character, The Red Hook; a master thief, is given extraordinary and heroic powers against his will and transformed into a hero.

The first chapter begins with white flags replacing the American flags atop the Brooklyn Bridge. That was only the beginning of what’s to come!



Catch up on these web comics and more on Line Webtoon!

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