Con Coverage: Wizard World Reno Comic Con 2014

The inaugural Wizard World Reno Comic Con has come and gone but not before good times where had by all. When we first arrived we were greeted by not only volunteers and staff, but even the CEO of Wizard Word, John Macaluso was there out front and had took the time to stop and talk …

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Smallville: Chaos Brings it Back

Smallville has been having its own problems like many of DC’s comics. After Forever Evil – somewhat during as well if you ask me – DC has been doing things left and right to try and grab their readers, making the Green Lanterns relevant in at least three different storylines, one good two terrible for …

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Different Flavors of Horror: American Vampire and Wytches

(NOTE: This is a first impressions examination of two series, one that is into the mid-forties in terms of issue quantity and the other that just had its second issue released)   Horror has begun to have a Renaissance in the comic scene over the last couple of years. With the extreme popularity of The …

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Marvel Forges a Battleworld for “Secret Wars”

Time is running out.   For the last two weeks, Marvel has been running a lot of new promos for old events (“Civil War”, “House of M”, “Infinity Gauntlet”, e.t.c.) with the words “Summer 2015”. Many people have been speculating what Marvel has been up to (after sifting out the annoying ones going “No More …

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Event: Wizard World Reno Comic Con 2014

Who else is gearing up for Wizard Worlds first trip to Reno? We can not wait for Wizard World Reno Comic Con, the event is looking amazing. The show will run Friday, November 21 — Sunday, November 23. There is so many amazing guests like – Norman Reedus, William Shatner, Jewel Staite, Bruce Campbell, Billy Dee …

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The Original Sherlock Holmes and his Baker Street Irregulars