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Peter J. Tomasi Reveals Who Will Wear the Robin Mantle This July

B&R #38 CoverIt has been a long year for the Robin mantle over in Batman.


A book that is often overshadowed by the books of Snyder and Morrison, Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason’s Batman & Robin I have felt has probably had the best emotional core of all the Batman books since the New 52 began. It did that by taking a great focus on the relationship between Bruce and his son, Damian Wayne. As you may or may not know, Damian met his demise in Batman Incorporated #8 over a year ago and the Robin mantle has been vacant ever since. Tomasi has shown the emotional fallout of this event as Bruce tried to overcome this incredibly traumatizing event.

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But Batman always needs a Robin and now, come January, Tomasi and Gleason’s “Robin Rises” arc will complete and someone will don the Robin mantle. As revealed by Tomasi on Twitter himself earlier today. So, it goes without saying, MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD for those not up to date.











Bet you thought you saw the last of him, huh? Well of course not. This is superhero comics, obviously. However, as shown with the clear Superman homage going with this cover, there’s going to be more to Damian’s resurrection than just “Oh I’m back”.

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Still glad to have the little murder child back again.


Batman & Robin #38 will be released January 21st, 2015.


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