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SDCC: Cassandra Cain is Finally Returning in Fall’s “Batman & Robin Eternal”

B&R EternalIt is so great to finally be able to report this.


The treatment that DC gave every Batgirl whose name wasn’t “Barbara Gordon” was a frustrating thing indeed. One of my massive criticisms I have had of the New 52 was that the higher ups at DC thought four Robins was okay, but three Batgirls or two Flashes in one universe was too much. I was glad to see Stephanie Brown return in last years fantastic Batman Eternal, but was still adamant that Cassandra Cain return.



That time has finally come, my friends.


Reported at SDCC, Cassandra Cain will be making her return in this October’s Batman & Robin Eternal, the 26-week sequel series to Batman Eternal. The creative team behind the book will consist of: Scott Snyder (Batman), James Tynion IV (The Woods and, frankly speaking, the one person at DC I trust the most with Bat characters under 20), Tim Seeley (Grayson), Genevive Valentine (Catwoman), Steve Orlando (Midnighter), Jackson Lanzing & C.P Kelly (Hacktivist) and Ed Brisson (Sheltered) with main artist Tony S. Daniel (Superman/Wonder Woman).

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According to Tynion, the plot of the story deals with an old case from the days when Dick Grayson was Robin veers its head in the present. The book will expand out of Gotham and be a celebration of the Robin mantle, of which this being the 75th year of Dick Grayson’s debut. Tynion also confirmed the three central leads are Grayson, Harper Row (Bluebird) and Cassandra Cain.


Speaking as someone that counts Cassandra Cain as one of his favorite female characters in all of comics, I am so glad that her return is being handled by this creative team and not someone else. Now, all we need is for a Spoiler/Bluebird/Cassandra/Red Robin/Cullen Row book written by James Tynion IV and art by Ming Doyle to spin out of this and I will not criticize DC for a day or two!

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Granted, this also means if they screw this up, you will never ever hear the end of it from me, fans!


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