Smallville is Flying Its Way to Hulu

With news of Superman joining Supergirl, it is no surprise that something like Smallville might be making waves again.

After all, it was in 2001 that this series brought a serious real life approach to superheroes giving the world the most down to Earth, blue, ready right and true Super dude. Smallville will be joining Hulu as of October 1st, according to Entertainment Weekly.

In case you somehow missed it, Smallville was the endearing journey of Clark Kent journeying from scared, unsure teenage boy into the Man of Steel everyone knows and (sometimes) loves. And this is not the Man of Steel version who breaks all of Metropolis and Smallville because Zod is running around. This is a 10 year long journey of a young man who realizes that he is different, isolated, and struggles to find his way in the world and finding that he might not be so different after all.

During this adventure, he runs across some familiar faces and starts and organization that doesn’t take six movies to do, nor is it rushed by making him fight Batman. This was a wonderful story of a Superman in a world that needed one, told in a different and much needed way. So for those of you who have not seen it, I highly suggest queuing it up on your Hulu. For those of you who have seen it, I am sure you will give it a rewatch.


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