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A review of an independent comic book from Jay Crows Comics named Super.

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Whether physical or digital, we have all read a comic book or two in life. I have never been big on the physical copies of Comics. Largely due to most of them being too precious to handle. But when I was handed a copy of Super by Jay Crow Comics (Http:// team at the Reno Comic Con, I thought it was time to crack this one open.


“What would you do if you were given super powers?” A question we have all been asked or asked ourselves as G33ks. The creators of Super answer just that for their character Mark, a teenager just about to graduate high school. In a dark twist after his father dies, Mark finds out that he has super powers. But for Mark there is no super villain. He is just an everyday kid who tries to right what he thinks is wrong with the world. I would go further, but that would spoil the comic.



The comic itself is printed on nice heavy stock glossy paper with a color scale that is highly reminiscent of the classic comic book style. The cover shows a simple classic duo which one would only guess was the hero and his rival. I was pleasantly surprised with the story line after I opened the book and read through it. Instead of trying to find a super villain for Mark, they instead go into real world problems and try to help with it.


I can’t wait to read the second comic in the series when it comes out. If it is as good as the first one, then this small independent comic book group out of Utah will have a long time reader out of me.

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Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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Scott is a photographer and writer from Northern Nevada. His g33k started when he was young with Star Trek: TNG. From there it grew and grew till he was doing conventions and ren faires all over the place.

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