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Superman: Back in Black

Someone queue ACDC’s Back in Black because Superman is back…in…BLACK! In Superman: Lois and Clark, we see the return of the Old 52’s Superman. And it is not my opinion, but it is simply fact that it is pure unadulterated perfection.

Before I can explain why this comic is so amazing, I have to spend a few moments to explain the current problems with Superman in New 52.


He should be more aptly named Man-God because he is essentially all about his powers. His most human moments are in the Superman Wonder Woman serial and when he is with Jimmy Olsen after revealing his identity, which is infrequent. Otherwise, it is all about his powers. It is pushed to the point where he scares Hal Jordan in Justice League because he is always floating around with his eyes blazing red.

And other adaptation become problematic in their own right with Earth 2 making Superman evil then replacing him with the son of Zod. The idea of him being the son of Zod, while being borderline evil, was used again in Gods and Monsters, which I do applaud on a whole. However, the canonical Superman has always been the right and true, red and blue Superdude.

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Yet, when we see him be castrated to give a lesser being of hope, it is excellent and amazing to see him return to form.

In Superman: Lois and Clark, they address Convergence, which this read and reviewer did not know if it would play in the Earth One because of how self contained it was. Luckily, it was not. It even goes to the point f addressing that this Superman has been in the New 52 since day one. He watched the Justice League fight Darkseid, and he was a ‘microsecond away from stepping in,’ according to Lois.

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Here, in only a single comic, we see Clark’s human side with a  family and waning unused powers and adapting to a world of true secrecy while protecting his younger, more powerful self by helping him avoid certain threats.

All of these things along with a well-thought out Lois and a son to boot makes this worth reading especially if you miss the old boy scout and like lumberjack beards on your Kryptonians.

Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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