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The Walking Dead: Who does Negan kill?

Danai Gurira as Michonne; Michael Cudlitz as Sgt Abraham Ford; Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene; Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes; Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha; Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan; Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes; Josh McDermitt as Dr Eugene Porter – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The question thats been taunting viewers since the finale of Season 6 is who does Negan actually kill? 

Sneak peek season 7 courtesy of NYCC/AMC

Now that AMC has officially released the sneak peak which was first shown at this past weekends NYCC, we all know that Rick is currently still alive, but still have no clue who gets Lucille’d!

Courtesy of AMC

*Lucille Negan’s trademark weapon of choice

There are many suspicions and fan theories circulating over who Negan kills.

In the sneak peak, we get a close up of Rick (Andrew Lincoln) tell Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)  “I’m going to kill you”, where we see a streak of blood on the right side of Rick’s face. According to the line-up Abraham is on Ricks right.


Negan mentions having a “right hand man”? Makes a joke about it being one of these fine people still breathing, and makes a reference to his bat. 

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Negan also mentions the “ones that are left”, could it be multiple?

After Negan drags Rick away we see a bloody blanket and what looks like bashed brains. The blanket could potentially be from Maggie or Daryl.

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Maggie courtesy of AMC
Maggie courtesy of AMC
Daryl courtesy of AMC
Daryl courtesy of AMC











Killing Maggie would be pretty morbid being that she’s pregnant, and Negan doesn’t kill females in the comic. Rumor has it that Daryl (Norman Reedus) was seen on set in an orange jumpsuit, which could possibly be scenes later on in the season, does this mean he’s safe?

Many fan theories suggest that Negan kills Glenn and/or Abraham. In the comics, Glenn gets decapitated upon his first meeting with Neegan and Lucille. However, the show has a lot of huge differences and hasn’t always followed the comics.

courtesy of The Walking Dead

On the tv show with all of Glenn’s many extremely close encounters with death, would he finally meet his fate?

Abraham’s death wouldn’t be as big as say Maggie, Glenn, or Daryl but he’s certainly a fan favorite and a crucial part of the team. Even though he hasn’t been on the show as long, I think his whole emotional situation in season 6 may have been to lead us up to his demise.

Glenn courtesy of AMC
Glenn courtesy of AMC
Abraham courtesy of AMC
Abraham courtesy of AMC










Who do you think Negan introduced to Lucille?


The Walking Dead returns for its seventh season on October 23 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC

*All photos courtesy of AMC


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