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Top 10 Anticipated Comics of 2015

As the year comes to an end, I take a look at the comic scene. Some pretty unfortunate things have happened. What with corporate obsession with multi-media synergy overreaching at times, the continuing use of spectacle over substance, and the overuse of event comics pushing people’s wallets and patience. However, now we look to the next year and the potential delights it can bring.


NOTE: This is all opinion based. You might be looking forward to a comic not on this list. Tell me in the comments!










10. Archie

Writer: Mark Waid

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Art: Fiona Staples

Publisher: Archie Comics

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Well, here’s your dark horse pick, that’s for sure.


In their efforts to rebrand that have been going on these last few years, Archie Comics is relaunching their flagship title in May. Who do they get to headline the book? Why, only the guy who created my favorite superhero in the genre and the woman who, let’s face it, has been one of the best artists in comics these last several years. It shocks me to say these words: I’m interested in Archie Comics. Outside of Afterlife with Archie (which, half the catharsis for me was watching these symbols of that fake wholesome Americana being punished for their sins), I never thought that would happen.



Darth Vader #1









  1. Star Wars: Darth Vader

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Artist: Salvador Larroca

Publisher: Marvel Comics


None More Sith.


But seriously, if there is a current Marvel writer you want writing the solo adventures of one of the most iconic villains in pop culture, its Kieron Gillen. His work reinventing villains like Mr. Sinister in Uncanny X-Men and, of course, his multi-year work on Loki, from Siege to Young Avengers, added so much depth and complexity to the character. Salvador Larocca, he of Invincible Iron Man fame, has always provided both great and consistent pencil work. Of the three Star Wars books that Marvel is launching in early 2015, this is the one I have the highest of hopes for, even though the Aaron/Cassaday Star Wars and Waid/Dodson Princess Leia look good too.


The Surface #1









  1. The Surface

Writer: Ales Kot

Art: Langdon Foss and Jordie Bellaire

Publisher: Image Comics


You won’t find a writer who combines weird sci-fi with absolute heart than Ales Kot. Between his work on Change, Suicide Squad, Zero, Secret Avengers, he has become an instant pick-up. Bringing on Langdon Foss (Get Jiro!) and the breakout colorist of the last few years, Jordie Bellaire, is just icing on the cake of this tale of three polyamorous hackers in a changing Africa.


All-New Hawkeye #1









  1. All-New Hawkeye

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Art: Ramon Perez

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Just when I thought I was out…


Matt Fraction and David Aja set the industry on fire when they launched Hawkeye. In spite of delays, it had a style and heart all its own that has influenced many comics since. Now Jeff Lemire (writer of that other archer guy you probably heard of) and art by Ramon Perez (Amazing Spider-Man: Learning to Crawl) are relaunching the book starring Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. Lemire has said that the book will be more in style with his creator owned stories and if this book is a third as good as The Underwater Welder or Essex County, will be in for something special.


Ivar Timewalker #1









  1. Ivar, Timewalker

Writer: Fred Van Lente

Art: Clayton Henry

Publisher: Valiant Comics


The team who brought use the hilarious Archer & Armstrong bring us the tale of the third immortal brother of the Valiant universe. We’ve had Armstrong, Gilad, now Ivar Anni-Padda, the mysterious Timewalker, is talking center stage in a new ongoing. Promising a cosmic journey from the distant past to the furthest reaches of eternity, Van Lente’s ability to inject humanity into the nigh inhuman and Henry’s expertise in capturing character expression promises a fun journey.


Spider-Gwen #1









  1. Spider-Gwen

Writer: Jason Latour

Art: Robbi Rodriguez & Rico Renzi

Publisher: Marvel Comics


It’s amazing how such a simple premise, Gwen Stacy got bit by the spider instead of Peter Parker, would explode in such a fashion as this. I have a sneaking suspicion that Marvel intended Silk to be the breakout character of Spider-Verse, but sorry, that’s not happening. From her wonderful design by Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi, to her excellent story debut by Jason Latour, Spider-Gwen may very well be to 2015 what Kamala Khan was to 2014.











  1. Injection

Writer: Warren Ellis

Art: Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire

Publisher: Image Comics


O’ Captain! My Captain!


Ellis. Shavley. Bellaire. They got me to want to read more about Moon Knight in six issues. I’ll follow them to the end.


Descender #1









  1. Descender

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Art: Dustin Nguyen

Publisher: Image Comics


Jeff Lemire launching a new science fiction ongoing dealing with a robot child trying to make his way in a universe that despises robots. I would expect this book to stab me in the heart multiple times even if it didn’t include Dustin Nguyen, one of the best artists to grace the Batman universe in the last decade, painting the issue.


Imperium #1









  1. Imperium

Writer: Joshua Dysart

Art: Doug Braithwaite

Publisher: Valiant Comics


Toyo Harada is the most interesting villain in the Valiant Universe, in no small part due to Joshua Dysart’s deft hand in Harbinger. Harada has always been portrayed as a man with the noblest intentions, but an ego that would damn the world if it didn’t follow him. Now, Harada has been stripped of his mask of normalcy and is gathering not only his Harbinger Foundation followers, but some of the more seedier, ruthless and psychotic individuals in the Valiant Universe in his war for utopia. Combine this with Braithwaite’s pencil work that has been phenomenal in Armor Hunters and Unity, it’s going to be quite the ride.


Secret Wars #1









  1. Secret Wars

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Art: Esad Ribic

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Yes, I know, it’s an event comic.


Yes, I know a creator-owned book probably deserves this spot more.


But here’s a story I want to tell you. Growing up, I was always a DC kid. I loved the universe and almost exclusively bought the singles issues of DC. Oh sure, I knew of stuff in Marvel and what was happening, but it was never my priority. When I returned to reading single issues with the New 52, I was greatly disappointed with the fare being produced. Then Marvel NOW hit and I bought my very first Avengers single issue, Avengers #1 by Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena. Both Avengers and New Avengers have been an engrossing cosmic epic that are constantly my issues of the week when they are released. It got me to read Hickman’s Fantastic Four/FF, Secret Warriors and got me to read East of West, my favorite book coming out now. To put it simply, as much as I don’t like this term, but Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers run is my Avengers, just like to some their Avengers are Brian Bendis or Kurt Busiek.


So, if you ask me what book is the most anticipated for me? Yes, it is the Grand Finale to Hickman’s three year Avengers saga.


And hey, if it does end up rebooting the Marvel Universe like so many fear: I guarantee it will go out better than Flashpoint.

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