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TV: Netflix Ultimate Spiderman


Last week Skulldouggary and I were looking for something to watch on Netflix when we came across Ultimate Spiderman and since neither of us had seen the show, we decided to watch it.

Now I will full admit, I have not seen many of the new marvel or dc comics animated tv shows. I watch far too much live television to keep up on all the cartoon shows too, of course after starting this one I might just have to add more shows to my roster.


The show is very quirky and I love that peter parker has a great personality as both himself and when he is Spiderman. I  am having a lot of fun with the show and the fact that it ties into Shield comics. Especially with the fact that Spiderman is back in Marvel’s hand we will get to see him on the big screen with the Avengers team soon enough.

He gets picked up by Shield to train with a team of other high school superheroes. I haven’t yet watched the whole series but I definitely can’t wait to finish it. thGB732GA7

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Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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