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Wonder Woman & Superman Get a Change

In Action Comics 41, Superman will be changing one more time! That may not seem important but do you know how many costumes Superman has gone through in the last 3 years alone?!

Four. Four costumes. Here they are:


Four costumes in 3 years. Smallville went through fewer changes in that time. But at least there were reasons. In Smallville, Clark was growing into Superman. Here, in DC Comics, there is almost no real reason. I can buy the change from Grant Morrison’s Action Comics Clark into The Justice League’s Kryptonian armored Superman.

The in Superman 37 and 38 Superman obtained a new power and destroyed the suit that was as indestructible as he is – we will move past this plot hole – and gets a new, more clothe-like suit. Giving up a nearly indestructible Krytonian nanotechnology suit for a clothe suit. But less than a year later, hell less than six months later, his suit is being changed again.

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The only question that should be asked is…WHY?!

What is the reason. He had a good suit. It could be argued he had two reasonably good suit. But what is the point of changing his suit from something with function and purpose to reverting it to something that does not. People can argue Superman does not need an indestructible suit like he is. But if you look at the creatures he faces like Darkseid, Mongul, the New Gods, and alternate versions of himself, the armor serves a purpose. Changing his costume only makes him aesthetically pleasing and makes him just look rougher and tougher.

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But that isn’t who Superman is. If they keep changing what he looks like rather than build his character, how can Superman be Superman anymore?

But what about Wonder Woman?


I mean, this is exactly what you change a costume for! More indestructible armor to match the heroes powers. But more than just the functionality of the armor, but the realistic clothe needed to make it actually work in a real world because there is no way that he former outfit would work with a  woman with those measurements without some straps.

But more than that, if you look at the oversexualization of female heroes, this new look represents her for what she actually is – a Warrior. And there is no compromise in the integrity of this character like so many others like Power Girl, Starfire, an so on.

So everything about her new look is both spectacular and amazing. There will be no complaint from this fan. But more importantly, what do you all think of the changes to the costumes? Is it a big deal? And how do you think this will affect the Superman/Wonder Woman dynamic?

These changes will be happening in  he post Convergence with Action Comics 42 when the arc known as “Truth” starts.


Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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