Your Guide for Upcoming Comic-Book Movies (2019/20)

Batman Solo Movie? (Unconfirmed title) (WB)

Status: script/ Unknown release date


Rumored to be crammed with classic villains.

A solo Batman movie starring Ben Affleck was confirmed by Warner Bros. last month. The big announcement was made by Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara in Las Vegas at CinemaCon. Affleck is reported to direct and star in the upcoming film.


  • Inhumans (MCU) [pushed back/ No longer has a release date]

Marvel has removed the film from its July 12, 2019 release date though the project is officially not dead.

  • Fantastic Four 2 (FOX)  [removed from Fox’s 2017 release schedule]

The sequel for the franchise reboot was originally planned for a June 9, 2017 release, before the first film actually opened. But with the first films overwhelming bad press and weak box office this movie was removed from the release list.

  • Gambit (FOX) [Gambit has been removed from Fox’s release schedule]

The film’s original  October 7, 2016 release date has been pulled with no rescheduled date announced.

  • LOBO (WB) [unknown status]

Possibly back on; rumored to have Wonder Woman screenwriter, Jason Fuchs.For years Warner Bros. have been talking about a Lobo movie and due to the success of Fox’s Deadpool – the studio is now planning to move forward again.

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  • The Sandman (WB) [unknown status]

Joseph Gordon Levitt removed himself  from the project due to creative differences.

  • X-Force (FOX) [unknown status]

  • 100 Bullets [unknown status]

The acclaimed comic book series 100 Bullets may come to the big screen rumored casting of Tom Hardy.

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  • Suicide Squad 2 (WB) [rumored]

Rumored; Ayer expressed an interest in making an R-rated sequel.

  • Deadpool 2 (FOX) [Status: announced] 

20th Century Fox has confirmed that the “Deadpool” sequel is a go with a possible 2017 release date.


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