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Comikaze EXPO 2013 Saturday (Part 3)

“Last set of photos from Saturday at Stan Lee’s @[154424564600210:274:Comikaze Expo]. Sunday’s photos will be up soon. ~Dviouz1”

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From Comikaze EXPO 2013 Saturday (Part 3), posted by G33k-hq on 11/18/2013 (100 items)


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About Danny "Dviouz1" DeLuna

Danny DeLuna started his rise to geekhood at a young age. An avid comic collector and lover of mythology his life forever changed when he found a copy of "Dieties & Demigods" for the AD&D roleplaying game. His ascension to geekdom was complete. Now, he takes it upon himself to share his love of all things geek through his photography.

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