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Cosplay Interview: Princess Nightmare

Bio from Princess Nightmare: Basically I love costumes and accessories, I love to design and to dress up. I am most known for Alice (attached) and currently working on revamping my business which is accessories (new works attached). I haven’t done any photoshoots in about a year and a half but I plan to resume them soon, I miss it very much but building a business is a bit of work so I fell behind on other things. I dress up for fun not for anyones approval or because anyone tells me to, I do it because I love it. I also collect costumes I have a fantastic screen worn Legend of The Seeker collection, I really value high quality costumes and detail. I love detail as you can see from some of the sets in my photos. Sets for costumes makes all of it so much better. I am not a believer in photoshopping everything. I don’t want to be photoshopped and I don’t want fake looking backdrops, I like when it’s all ‘alive’ around me.

G33k-HQ: When did you start cosplaying?
Princess Nightmare: I did my first professional photoshoot in 2011 but generally dressing up, creating costumes, photos…I have been doing with friends my entire life.

G33k-HQ: What was your favorite character to cosplay as?
Princess Nightmare: American McGee’s Alice or Black Cat…and anything in a gown, I am very at home in gowns

G33k-HQ: What first attracted you to cosplay?
Princess Nightmare: I never gave it a thought, I love costumes so I just kind of fell into it

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G33k-HQ: What is your favorite part of doing cosplay?
Princess Nightmare: The end result of really cool looking photos that I know could not have resulted without the combination of me being me in whatever it is I am wearing

G33k-HQ: What conventions/events will you be at this year?
Princess Nightmare: I have booths at Steampunk World’s Faire and NYCC (if I can fund NYCC, I’ll have a kickstarter going for that eventually)

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G33k-HQ: What was the first con you went to? What was your general reaction to it?
Princess Nightmare: The first one I went to was Wizard World Philly in 2008, I went alone to meet Joe Linsner because I collect his art. I thought it was really interesting, I talked to Joe I wandered around, it was just really something new, after that I went to all WW Philly and NYCC shows as well as some in other areas.

G33k-HQ: How does Facebook/social media influence your costume making and character selection?
Princess Nightmare: It doesn’t at all. I do characters that I love, or costumes that I love, things that make me happy, I post on Facebook and Deviantart but I don’t care about really anything aside from ‘I love this costume/character this is what I want to do’


G33k-HQ: Do you have a dream cosplay?
Princess Nightmare: I have about a million. Just think of the most detailed most beautiful things you can and its on the list. I would love to be my blood elf warlock from Warcraft, I love the Lightning Returns costume, there are about a million gowns from movies, stories, from everywhere. I could list them all but that list is far too long and we would be here forever-I really love gowns. I’d love to do photos underwater, I’d love to do photos in the mountains in the snow. I just kind of have a never-ending list of ‘I would love to go places dressed like this or do photos like that’

G33k-HQ: What is your personal favorite cosplay you have done?
Princess Nightmare: I love American McGee’s Alice, I always have, I was used as an add for the store when Madness Returns came out and am on the list of top 10 Alices in the world. I also love to do Black Cat I’ve done a few versions of her….I like doing characters I can relate to. So really each time I have done Alice or Black Cat has been a favorite.

G33k-HQ: Most memorable moment whilst cosplaying?
Princess Nightmare: Being in various costumes (steampunk, rogue, and others) at different conventions at different times where people come up and say ‘You’re Alice!!’ because I suppose that photo has made it around a bit
Also in 2011 I wore a Mord Sith (Legend of The Seeker red leather costume) to NYCC and I couldn’t walk 2 feet there were people taking pictures of me literally every 5 seconds there were mobs. That was fun, I don’t think I have ever gotten that much attention in my life. Confusing at first, but fun!

G33k-HQ: Have you had any cosplays go wrong/encountered problems whilst making cosplays?
Princess Nightmare: Not really I just really suck at doing my own hair and make up.

G33k-HQ: Do you have one piece of advice that you would give to cosplay virgins?
Princess Nightmare: Do it for fun, and for yourself, not for everyone around you or people watching. If you do it for the people watching you will never feel good enough about yourself.

G33k-HQ: What is your dream con to go to and why?
Princess Nightmare: Ring Con in Germany. I’ve been to conventions in the US I’d love to go to one in Europe. I like Europe.

G33k-HQ: If you could be any character in your fave story who would that be and which story? (like I’d be Spiderman in the Civil Wars series)
Princess Nightmare: Fleur Delacour (Harry Potter) or Kahlan Amnell (Sword of Truth)

G33k-HQ: What is your earliest geek memory?
Princess Nightmare: No idea, I have always loved a lot of things associated…fantasy, dressing up, etc

G33k-HQ: Do you consider yourself a “geek”?
Princess Nightmare: well my tee shirt says ‘I’m not a geek I’m a level 90 warlock’ so no I’m not 😉

G33k-HQ: What does the word “geek” mean to you?
Princess Nightmare: i suppose passionate about things that most people aren’t or do not understand (most people meaning those who call themselves ‘normal’ or deny having an interest or avoid having an interest in anything that isn’t the common norm)

G33k-HQ: Money is no object, what geek collectible you would purchase? (real Batmobile, Superman #1, etc.)
Princess Nightmare: Hogsmeade at Universal Studios…or a castle

G33k-HQ: Can you share with us any future cosplays you are planning?
Princess Nightmare: Within the next year I’m hoping to do some professional photos or conventions with Rogue (legacy) and Bellatrix Lestrange-they have been sitting in my closet and at the top of the list for about a year and a half since I stopped doing photos and I plan to resume soon. I have some others but I can’t reveal them until there are more concrete details on them otherwise if they are not finished soon I will feel silly 😉



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