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Geek Culture and the Fur Community

The Furry community has gotten a lot of bad publicity in the past years due to the misunderstanding of the community. Everyone thinks that the community is all about being sexual as that is the only side that they see. The side they do not see is the Geek Culture. This community is just as much of a Geek as the rest of us.

On May 15th 2015 I had an experience I never thought I would take, but it was fun. BLFC (Biggest little fur convention) is quickly becoming one of the more popular fur conventions on the West Coast. Being that this convention was in my home town of Reno, NV. I thought that I would take a look. I had one thought on my mind while wandering around this convention. “Why do they have such a bad reputation?”

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I sat down with two from the convention staff known as Tyco and Treyn. Tyco is the face behind the convention and Treyn is the convention operations Department Head. Both were worried about what kind of publicity I was going to bring to the community. While sitting in one of the rooms used for the convention medical staff, they regaled me with the history of BLFC.

BLFC had it’s start as a one day event in 2012 under the name of Pawfur. From there the idea of BLFC came to assistance.  With this idea also came the ideas of having it themed every year. For a third year con, it is growing quickly, within 3 years their numbers jumping to 2443 attendees. This year theme was based on a dystopian empire with references to just about every movie that was dystopian. Treyn stated that he was not there at Pawfur but his boyfriend had brought him to the first official BLFC.

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Treyn became the Convention Operations Head after he arrived during set up and noticed that everything had gone awry. He stepped up and started directing people on where to put thing and continues that today.

They had quite a lot going on while I was there. My favorites were the tabletop room where there was constantly a game going on even late at night, The Video Game room where people would not stop on the Dance Dance Revolution cabinet, And the late night dance that went on till the sun came up. But they also had stuff such as Fur suit games involving large dice and tricycles, constant things going on at the main stage and panels galore.


While walking around the convention floor I ran into a popular artist in the fur community known as Mary Mouse. Her main product is badges that say certified with a animal species on it. Her favorite being her original Certified Fox badge. I could not help but buy one that stated Certified Photographer. But she also does commissions for anyone wanting one. Along with her a Gross Animals card collection she has created. While talking with Mary she stated that BLFC was one of her favorite conventions. The theme was something that she loved seeing but a lot of conventions could not keep them running. If you would like to see her artwork or would like a commission from her, you can go to


During my second day at BLFC I was given the opportunity by a staff member to don one of their fur suits and run around the convention for a little while. It was a very freeing experience but let me tell you, it was hot. I have a lot more respect for those who are Fur Suiters. The ability to walk around and not be recognized as yourself brings out the extrovert in people. The character I was walking around as was named Dabbles and was well received though people kept mistaking me for the owner of the suit. Even though I was not the owner of the suit, people were more then happy to run up and give me a hug. The experience was unforgettable.

All in all, the thought that the fur community is all about sex is misinformation. The fur community loves people no matter who or what they are. Even though they are not accepted by a lot of people, they are accepting of anyone. I would love to attend another fur convention, just on that fact alone. So whether you are fur friendly or just curious, defiantly go check BLFC out next year.

Make sure you come check out their next convention on May 12-15, 2016 at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, NV.

You can find more info here:

Till next time.

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Scott is a photographer and writer from Northern Nevada. His g33k started when he was young with Star Trek: TNG. From there it grew and grew till he was doing conventions and ren faires all over the place.

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