Pax South: A Con in Review

photo 1So I went to PAX south at the end of January. It was my very first PAX adventure. I had never been to a con in Texas either. It was a couple of firsts for me. I had never gone to a con out of state alone before and this was scary since it felt like so far from my home.

I didn’t know that PAX South was more of a indie convention then anything but even though most of the booths were companies trying to get interest to fund a kickstarter for their game, it was lots of fun.

So many neat games were on display at the convention. They had an arcade, a room for LGBT cosplayers and comic writers, a room for twitch streamers, a huge area for those playing 3DS games and an area to play board games. I thought it was interesting their were so many people that came to a convention and spent money to sit and play their 3DS’s the entire time. Though to each their own I 4 (1)

The floor was packed most days with people in lines to play games. There were a lot of fun notable games. My favorite being Dreadnought. A 5v5 airship pvp style game. I really liked playing it and they gave out the best swag- shirts and pins. I loved playing the game and seeing all the different ships you could fight as. I also enjoyed playing Red Flags from Superfight, which was a game about what you want from a relationship and how important some things are over bad qualities.

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I spent some time with the cosplay community while there and had a nice time meeting lots of people who cosplayed from lots of different games. One of my close friends was hosting a party Saturday night so I made sure to attend to be able to see her and hang out. The party was in a Coyote Ugly and had door prizes, giftbags and lots of cosplayers enjoying themselves.

Overall I ended up having a nice time at the convention. I really liked getting to see all the games that will hopefully be hitting the game world 1 (2)

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