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Amazing Dragon Ball Fan Art

Alberto From Deviantart has imagined many wonderful things, including a futuristic look for Trunks that was not complete garbage. But something he is renowned for is his Kill Counts of Dragon Ball Z characters. And like a lot of his other work, it is amazing.

His focus clearly being the Saiyans who dominated the Cell Saga.

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All that needs to be said is: Of course Yamcha killed no one.

But it is good to see the artist remembered everyone from Dragon Ball who was killed by Goku. All too often the series, which helped mold many children’s childhoods (mine included), is completely forgotten.

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Of course, I will be glad to say that Trunks’ is my personal favorite. His story line was one of the most refreshing of the Dragon Ball stories.

But in case that is not enough for you, check out his art of ‘Ultra Piccolo’:


DBZ Ultra Picollo


Or maybe you would like the Masters of Goku on your desktop background?

DBZ Masters of GokuAnd the final picture that can make any fans heart melt, The Master Son Goku

The Master Son GokuEverything done here was commendable. I really advise anyone who reads this to check out his page and enjoy his artwork for the beauty that it is. Albertocubatas has done something amazing here.



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