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Art: 2015 Movies Get Pokemon Treatment

Thanks to Dorkly, you ca heck out what some of the biggest movies from 2015 look like as Pokemon:

The only road more dangerous than Victory Road is…Fury Road. Well, okay, Fury Road is technically WAY WAY more dangerous, but you know what I’m sayin’. Anyways – Max is Slugma, since his world is fire and he always needs to keep moving (Slugma will literally die if he ever stops to sleep); Furiosa is Lucario, the ultimate badass warrior; Nux is Deino, a Pokemon that’s completely inept but relentless, and has sores covering its body; the Brides are repped by Gardevoir, because…well, c’mon; Immortan Joe is Walrein, because he looks about right (and is a Water-type!); and the Doof Warrior is Cubone, who – like the flame-guitar wielding Doof – also wears his mother’s face for a mask.
This one’s pretty straightforward – Joy is Blissey, the Happiness Pokemon; Sadness is Gloom; Fear is Psyduck; Anger is Primeape; Disgust is Gothitelle; and Bing Bong is Phanpy, because… WHO’S YOUR ‘MON WHO LIKES TO FIGHT? PHAN-PY! PHAN-PY!
We already covered Captain America, Black Widow, and Falcon in last year’s summer Pokemon team movie roundup, so we’ll cover all the other Avengers players here (except Hawkeye, because we still don’t care about Hawkeye). Conkeldurr is Hulk, because OBVIOUSLY (if only his shiny were green…); Iron Man is Scizor, because the color scheme looks right AND he’s a Steel-type; Ultron is Klinklang, because it was either that or Magneton; Scarlet Witch is Meloetta, because she has the power to control your feelings; Quicksilver is Jolteon, because he’s pretty fast and pretty cool (but if he faints, you won’t miss him TOO much); and JARVIS/Vision is Porygon-Z, because he’s the ultimate upgraded computer system, and surprisingly sleek-looking.
IT’S A TEAM OF DINOSAURS, WHAT’S NOT TO GET?! T-Rex is Tyrantrum; Indominus Rex is Genesect (the overengineered super-Pokemon); the pterodactyls are Aerodactyl; Meganium is the brachiosaurus; Sceptile (shiny) is Blue the Raptor; and Machoke is Chris Pratt.
If only there were more variations on ant Pokemon – sorry Antony. For now, we have Scott Lang/Ant-Man for Durant; Beedrill for Yellowjacket; Vespiquen for Wasp (however you’d like to define that…); Kangaskhan for Scott Lang’s ex-wife and daughter; Vanilluxe for Baskin-Robbins; and Unown for the Quantum Realm. But seriously – just ONE ant Pokemon with wings for Antony. Get it done, Game Freak.
Welp, let’s get this one over with – Reed Richards is Shuckle; The Thing is Regirock; Sue Storm is Kecleon; the Human Torch is Moltres; Dr. Doom is Houndoom (because, like the movie, the only similarity with the source material is using the name “Doom”); and – finally – director Josh Trank is Electrode, who’s also extremely good at self-destructing.
And here’s a team for the scraps of the summer – Minions are Pichu (yellow, tiny, and totally useless); Ted 2 is Teddiursa, because sure why not; Pitch Perfect 2 is Chatot (I’m not really familiar with either, but I know they both involve music); Tomorrowland is Rotom; San Andreas is Groudon; and Terminator Genisys is Smoochum, because they both involve retroactively going back and changing shit unnecessarily and have pretty stupid names.

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