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Art: Awesome Infographic ‘The Actors Behind The Voices’

Check out this amazing infographic from the folks over at  Fivesquid, that shows just a few of the many talented voice actors behind some of our favorite characters.

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Cartoons and video games have some of the most memorable and recognisable characters in any media, but for the most part the people who actually bring these animations to life can go fairly unnoticed. Well, here at fivesquid we thought we would take a look through some of our favourite characters and have a gander at who exactly is behind the voices we love so much. From Dan Castellaneta, the man behind Homer Simpson and half of the other characters in the show, all the way to Nolan North & Troy Baker who combined, have probably played a part in pretty much every video game ever.



Also thanks /Film for the heads up you can check out a great documentary about voice actors/acting on Netflix called I Know That Voice.


I Know That Voice
2013 ‧ Documentary ‧ 1h 35m
Filmmaker Lawrence Shapiro discusses voice-over acting with the talented people behind the characters.
Initial release: November 6, 2013


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