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Art: Fun Infographic “29 Jobs From Fiction That Are More Exciting Than Yours”

This fun infographic from Adzuna gives us a look at what some of the great job from fiction such as Jedi, Raptor Wrangler, Fairy Godmother, Starship Captain and more get as a salary.

January is the busiest time of year for jobseekers, with many of us dreaming of new opportunities or a bigger pay packet. While Adzuna is gearing up to help millions of people find their perfect jobs, we can’t make every dream come true. If your life ambition is to be an MIB Agent or Intergalactic Police Officer we’ve got bad news: these jobs only exist in fiction. Since we love all things jobs – yes, even jobs that don’t actually exist – we decided to pull together some of fiction’s most famous jobs that are (probably) more exciting than yours and put them in a gorgeous infographic. Enjoy! A note on recommended salaries: our salary predictor is great for predicting the salaries of software engineers, social workers and electricians because we analyse over a million job adverts. But we don’t have any data for Pokemon Gym Leaders, Starship Captains or Raptor Wranglers. So instead, we’ve used the rather less scientific method of comparing the salaries of equivalent jobs in the real world when appropriate along with a large dollop of guesswork.

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