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Art: TV Shows Get Sunday Comics Makeover

The folks over at Direct Deals took a few of our favorite shows and gave them a Sunday Comics style makeover. Check them out below:

TV is pretty much our lives, around here. There are tons of shows we just can’t stop talking about. These are the shows people constantly post about on Twitter and Facebook, the shows that drive us crazy with their twists and turns. The kinds of shows with such passionate fans (guilty as charged) that they even create their own versions of them.

Especially the comics! Fans all over the web pay homage to the classic cartoonists of our time while spoofing their favorite shows! Who hasn’t thought about offsetting the severity of Game of Thrones with a little Bill Watterson Calvin and Hobbes flair? Or seeing the connection between hellish workplace drama of Dilbert and Silicon Valley?

Check out these six comic strips paying loving tribute to our favorite shows and cartoonists!

Worlds collide with Game of Thrones and Calvin and Hobbes! Even though the famed strip is finished, you can experience the wonder of adventure and the thrill of discovery in this mash-up…without any of the horrifying bleakness of George Martin’s signature series. Hodor’s friendly demeanor and his journey with the warging Bran and sidekick Summer match the imagined friendship Hobbes provides to Calvin.
Entire memes have been devoted to the unspoken psychosis of Garfield‘s Jon Arbuckle. Who else could portray the introverted, detached persona of Elliot better than the fat cat’s iconic owner? Without going into spoiler territory, the “Garfield minus Garfield” meme suddenly takes on a whole new meaning in this context.
How can you find any comic loud enough to match the personality of Cookie? While Sunday favorite Baby Blues doesn’t deal in the realm of hip hop stardom, it is a depiction of two parents struggles raising three bodacious children.
Set a decade apart, the world of micromanagement, payroll, meetings and buzzwords reign strong in both Silicon Valley and Dilbert. Dilbert would’ve surely rolled his eyes at the Conjoined Triangle of Success, while we only wish the Pied Piper team had a Pointy-Haired Boss to report to.
The Walking Dead meets War of the Buttons and maybe just a little Lord of the Flies in this mash-up. The survivalists led by Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead perfectly match the rag tag Peanuts under their protagonist, Charlie Brown. Snoopy and Co don’t have the apocalypse to battle, but Pigpen is clearly ready for the hygienic sacrifices necessary in a zombie apocalypse.
Selena Meyer is known for her irrational outbursts, so naturally her Sunday comic comparison is no other than the famed Cathy strip. Both are portraits of a the modern day woman struggling to balance life and work — not without its gaffs.






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