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Black Milk Sample Sale

I went to the Black Milk Sample Sale this past weekend to check it out. I hadn’t been to a sample sale in quite a while because normally sample sales are crazy and I end up not finding anything that I really want.

I talked my mother into going down to check it out too so I had someone to go with and because I didn’t know how sketchy of a place the sample sale was being held. If you know about Los Angeles then you know that it can be a pretty scary place.

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We got there at 9am. The line was already about 300 people deep. It wrapped from the store around the corner and down the street almost to the next street. I figured the line would be pretty long, but that’s what happens when you are into a popular fashion brand. It was very interesting to see so many women of all ages waiting in line for a chance at a piece of clothing at a price less then they are used to. This is the chance for many to get pieces that you really wanted for less then a third what you would normally pay.

It was interesting to see that across the street there was a sample sale across the street for the boys with a long as long as the Black Milk full of guys waiting for the chance to pick up some skate gear and clothing. I always tend to forget that women are not the only ones willing to go to great lengths in the name of fashion. The company was a skate shop that sold a lot of clothing that featured California motifs. Later on after about 2 hours of standing in line for Black Milk, I saw lots of guys walk by with skate boards and bags of clothing. I am glad it seemed like so many guys were able to get items that they wanted.

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After about an hour of standing in line it started to sprinkle. Lots of girls standing around getting wet and laughing about the fact that we were in line waiting for clothing.  Then the owner of Black Milk came outside to give us small bottles of water and lots and lots of candy. The one thing I forget about hordes of people is without lots of waste baskets a bunch of water bottles and candy wrappers littered the area. At about 10:30 they came out and explained down the line how the sale would work. Each group of 50 would go inside in 20 minute intervals. You would have 20 minutes to dig through the piles of clothing and at the 20 minute mark you would get in line to pay. After that you would have the option to get back in the line and start over again.

IMG_2980 IMG_3344

I was about 9 groups back, so at 1:20pm I was able to get into the building and what I saw was 6 piles XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL. Each pile was consistently having items dropped on top while the girls were digging through the piles. I did not know before walking in that there would be no licensed items in the piles, that Black Milk had a special deal with the licensing that they wouldn’t sample them out. It was fun to dig through all the piles and look for things you might want. I was excited to find a bodysuit with lace sleeves that will go perfectly with my Cat Wonderland Tea Party skirt I just picked up from Japan recently.


Next after picking out what you wanted, you got in line to get your items counted so you could get into line to pay for your items. This was probably the best part of the lines because its where you got to see each girl with their items and how excited they were to have found the pieces they did. It was so much fun seeing the excitement in their eyes as they tried on things, and after deciding they didn’t want something offering up the items to other girls in line. Everyone was so happy to share and not fight. I saw no anger just a bunch of people truly excited about their fandom.

Overall, I want to say this is the best sample sale I’ve ever gone to because of the way it was ran. It was run professionally, efficiently and enjoyable. Maybe I’m not the biggest Black Milk fan, but seeing the women in their fandom so happy. I understand being overly excited about the clothing that they loved. This made it the best sale I’ve ever been to, seeing hundreds of girls fangirling together and sharing their love together was truly something to be seen.

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