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Sir Terry Pratchett Passes

Sir Terry Pratchett, author of the Discworld series, co-author of Good Omens, and generally fantastic author with more than 70 books to his name, has passed away at 66 years old.

He passed away peacefully at his home, after eight years of struggling with Alzheimers. In those years, he continued to write, using voice recognition software and dictation when his fingers failed him.


Sir Pratchett was not one to falter in the face of his own mortality, and he faced it bravely. In 2010’s “Shaking Hands With Death,” he proclaimed that: “[I] vowed that rather than let Alzheimer’s take me, I would take it. I would live my life as ever to the full and die, ­before the disease mounted its last ­attack, in my own home, in a chair on the lawn, with a brandy in my hand to wash down whatever modern ­version of the ‘Brompton cocktail’ some ­helpful medic could supply. And with ­Thomas Tallis on my iPod, I would shake hands with Death.”

Today, he shook Death’s hand, and we can only assume Death was a fan of the way he was portrayed in Pratchett’s works.

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Discworld will continue on, left in the hands of his daughter, Rhianna. She was given his blessing to continue the series after his death.

Rest in peace, Terry Pratchett. Your words shall continue to live on, entertaining readers and enticing the imagination for countless years to come.

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Source: Terry Pratchett, Legendary Fantasy Author, Dead at 66

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