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Comic: Monsters and Other Scary Shit: A Monster Anthology

If you have not heard of Monsters and Other Scary Shit: A Monster Anthology then you will want to head over to Kickstarter to back the wonderful project. Monsters and Other Scary Shit: A Monster Anthology is the latest from Russell Nohelty, publisher of Wannabe Press. This wonderful hardback Anthology is comprised of 224 pages of wonderful comics. There are multiple stories from dozen of great creators.

About the book:

1. It’s 224 pages of glorious comics! – That’s a massive amount of awesome comics about monsters!
2. It’s gonna be in hardcover! – There are lots of comics, but how many are printed in hardcover? Not many!
3. All the UV spotting! There’s gonna be spot UV on all the yellow eyeballs on the cover. What’s spot UV? You know the glossy beautifulness on the cover of your highest quality comics? The stuff that gives certain areas a little shiny pop? That’s UV spot, and we’re putting it on every eyeball on the cover of the book, and if we hit our stretch goal they’ll all glow in the dark. I mean how cool is that?!
4. Glossy art paper – Most books are printed in gloss lamination, trapping all the glorious line work under an ugly, gross, yellow film. This anthology is different. It’s printed on glossy art paper, which means the ink shines on top of the paper and looks like it’s simmering, just like the any other art book on the market today. After all, we believe that comics are beautiful works of art and should be printed as such.
5. Our creators have credits from all your favorites companies. Our creators have worked with Marvel, Vertigo, Boom, Oni, Image, Spacegoat, Alterna along with brands like The Simpsons, Invader Zim, Star Wars, and more.
6. There are just so many many monsters. There was only one rule in this anthology; all of the stories needed monsters. This book is full of different types of monsters from one you know like zombies, dinosaurs, and vampires, to obscure ones like the Baobhan Sith and Calladseelee.
And you can get the whole book, including shipping, plus a pdf copy AND digital download of the cover, for just $40, INCLUDING SHIPPING (in the US, at least)!

A quick view of some of the stories featured in this wonderful book:

Pledge Break Down:

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Sample Pages:



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You can get a sneak peek at this great project with a” free 50+ page preview by clicking here.

We have to say we that we are very excited about this project, so if you like ‘Monsters and Other Scary Shit‘ head over to Kickstarter to learn more and get your hands on this awesome book full of wonderful comics.


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