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Comic: Space Oddities #1

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a comic series that has a little bit of Indiana Jones crossed with some Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? Well, Space Oddities #1 is coming to help you with just that! 😉

Space Oddities is an adventure/comedy story about the crew of the Aftosa; Dirk & Jorge MacSanchez. They are in the business of locating and procuring lost or “misappropriated” antiquities. A lucrative, if not stable, business until a young woman named Jhett Paxton suddenly becomes an unsolicited crew member. Jhett’s quest to find her mother will point them toward a fabled artifact of immense power and all the danger that comes with it.

Does that not sound like a fun comic to read?! Scroll down to learn more.


About Space Oddities #1:

Space Oddities #1 is an double sized 40 page comic book by Jon Williams & Ben Robinson. This issue is already written, drawn, inked, and ready for colors. Funds raised from this campaign will be used for a print run and to pay the phenomenal colorist Danny Olvera. We have been working with Danny on the pages you see here and his colors really bring the book to life. We couldn’t be happier with his work!

About The Universe:

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Space, unfathomable in scope and unrelenting in its capability to kill you. It takes generations to reach even the nearest star. Or at least it did before Walter Placeholder pioneered a method for faster than light travel. The Placeholder drive opened the cosmos to mankind and thus began the Great Human Diaspora. Within 200 years man had colonized thousands of planets and encountered dozens of new species. Man’s ability to adapt and evolve to the new conditions of their adopted homes allowed them to dominate stellar exploration. Within 1000 years man had diverged into many different species and humanoids were the dominant form of life in the galaxy. One of the few traits that persisted was an unstoppable urge to buy useless shit to display one’s status to their peers.

It is a time where anything you see or imagine can be replicated with ease; collectors, snobs, and hyper-hipsters will all gladly shell out loads of SpaceBucks (฿) For the genuine article. Bakalorian artifacts, authentic Earthican clothing, and original Apple iBrain® neural implants all fetch a high price on the intergalactic market.

Enter our heroes. Intrepid finders of lost items and acquirers of antiquities. When you need a rare bobble convince that girl that you’re “cultured”, you call Space Oddities.

About The Cast:

Previously we put out an 8 page preview of the first issue we called the Cold Open. The wonderful Chris Fetherolf created this animatic complete with voices and sound effects!

About the creators:

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Space Oddities # 1 is written by Ben Robinson and Jon Williams. ALong with writing it is penciled and inked by Jon WIlliams as well with coloring done by Dan Olvera

Jon Williams and Ben Robinson have been collaborating on projects with one another for over 2 decades. They are the hosts of Geeksploration: The Podcast, this is their second comic book and their first Kickstarter. 

Dan Olvera – Colorist

Dan is a freelance colorist who has worked in the comic book industry for several years. His credits include Puppet Master and VampBlade for Action Lab Ent. He has also worked on Clash of Queens for Zenescope and the Nyobi Birthright mini series for Nyobi comix among many other indie comics.

Be sure to head over to Kickstarter to learn more and pledge to be able to get yourself a cop of Space Oddities #1!

Read the Space Oddities – Introduction below:

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