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ConReview: Ani-Me 5.0

Anie Me 50  (8)In general, I’m not a big fan of local conventions.  You leave from your house and just go home at the end of the day.  The adventure is lost and you end up seeing a lot of the same people and vendors.  Plus, Fresno tends not to attract any highly sought after talent.  However, Ani-Me 5.0 turned out to be rather fun.  My buddy ended up convincing me to join another costuming group: The Royal Manticoran Navy.  I even ran into friends from outside of my nerd life, which isn’t surprising because it’s all nerd life.

Most of my weekend was spent helping with recruitment and talking to some of the local cosplayers and costuming groups.  One I found particular was Closet Cosplay.  It consists of a husband and wife team; the wife comes up with the ideas and does the art side while her husband is the engineer.  She was dressed as Hawkgirl and looked spectacular.  She had a small collection of props from other cosplays including Harley Quinn’s hammer and Hellboy’s/ Hellgirl’s hand for a gender crossover.

Of course, the usual were present including the 501st Legion and the Mandalorian Mercs.  Intriguingly there was a group as The Dark Knight’s Batman and Joker (dressed in the nurse’s outfit). They even had a miniature tumbler made out of an off-road go-kart.  They were cause for wuite a bit of amusement when Batman scared my kid more than Joker.  I also found myself laughing when I looked over to see the two shooting the bull like they weren’t sworn enemies.

Anie Me 50  (66)Day 1 had the usual costume contest which was loud and rather fast; I’m not actually sure who won.  After that there was a band that was brought into the hall, which resulted in a headache, so we wandered back to the main hall and took a look around at vendors.

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Day 2 turned into a much more productive day.  I had more time to talk to vendors and really get the story behind some of their work.

Enjoy some photos from the event below:

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