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ConReview: Anime Milwaukee

The largest annual Anime convention in Wisconsin happens around February every year and if you are in the Midwest area, take the time to check it out! The local state college University of Milwaukee and private sister school Marquette University participate in this cosplay heavy event.

Although gaming started early on Friday the con floor didn’t open until 1 pm, which found hundreds of early attendees wandering the Wisconsin Center. Saturday and Sunday start times were reasonably set at 10 am and cosplayers were much happier with more to do and vendor floors open. The volunteer staff was friendly, panels were informative, vendors were reasonable, the food was minimal but there was a well-run children’s area to incorporate and encourage families to attend.


This convention gets 3.2 our of 5 thumbs up for heavy cosplay attendance leading to good networking in the midwest anime community and a large amount of photographers willing to take free photos. The event is well run but bring snacks as there are few reasonable food options and be prepared to walk once inside the center. Milwaukee is great for sightseeing, so if the allure of the con was you have options to fill your day.
The best facet about this convention was the dedicated cosplay on the floor, it was varied, character accurate and worn by dedicated genre fans! Check it out!

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