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ConReview: Bak Anime 2016

Saturday and Sunday kept busy with plenty of attendees. The Marriott Lobby was filled with costumes and fans of all types, with a very overall friendly atmosphere. 
Bak Anime had some impressive guests in attendance-

  • David Yost, Johnny Yong Bosch and Walter E. Jones from The Might Morphin Power Rangers
  • Roger Jackson- Know as the voice of Ghostface in Scream and Mojo Jojo in the Powerpuff Girls
  • Tony Fleecs  – Artist of the popular series “My Little Pony”
  • Ali Hillis – Voice actress of Lightning from Final Fantasy.

Bak Anime had events continuing in the main event room including, several autograph sessions, Q&A’s with the guests, and Johnny Yong Bosch featuring his band Eyeshine, who had played Saturday night for the Late Night Dance. The main event room also had several informative events, including a panel for cosplaying on a budget, prop making, and a video game streaming workshop.

Despite what would feel like the Marriott being a small venue for everything going on, the smaller venue allows for a more personal feel for vendor and guests alike. With large popular brands and entertainers dominating the anime scene, it was nice to be able to have a more exclusive look at things and talk with creators on a one on one basis. Along with the pleasant demeanor of the guests, the staff of Bak-Anime were wonderfully helpful. Answering any question the attendees had, and remained organized and professional under the sheer amount of how many attendees there were throughout both days.
Overall, Bak-Anime is a great convention for anyone new to anime or even the seasoned veterans.
I look forward to attending and seeing what they can bring to the table next year.

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All photos taken by Perry “Agent P” Louie

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