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ConReview: Campbell Con 2016 Review and Gallery 1

The second annual Campbell con was this last weekend October 29th, 2016. Since I had a 2.5 hour drive my day started early, arriving about 45 minutes until opening. A line was already forming; all tickets for this event was listed as presale thru a local comic book shop a block away and via events webpage. At opening a good amount of the crowd was already checked in and ready to see what the event had to offer. Campbell Con took place at the Campbell Community Center. The site appears to be a former high school, now serves as not only the community center but different city department offices.

Outside the main building were the fan Groups including West Coast Avengers, TRMN, 501st, Mandolorian Mercs, Saber Guild. In the lobby were the Guest Tables Gary Conway and Deanna Lund from Land of the Giants, Alison Macinnis and Jennifer Yen of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Jeffrey Weissman from Back to the Future part II/III. Necikait was the events Cosplay guest with many more featured artists. In the main room plenty of vendors and artist including author KatGirl Studio.

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The lines kept coming until after 2pm in the afternoon. Weather could not be better in the high 60s for most of the day with only a bit of a drizzle around opening to keep the dust down. Two panel rooms included Land of the Giants Reunion, Power Ranger Q & A, Costume contest, go back stage with Jeffery Weissman and many more.

As a photographer I took pictures most of the day. Even got in a few photo shoots, location had plenty of grass, doors and archways and trees making nice backdrop. Enjoy my first gallery of pictures of the event. More pictures soon. Only its second year the event has increased attendance and everybody seems to be having a great time. I look forward to seeing what the event has in stored in 2017.

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The next Event from this producer is Colossus Con April 8th, 2017 in Pleasanton California at Alameda County Fairgrounds.

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