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ConReview: Cedar Rapids Comic Con 2017

Cedar Rapids Comic Con brought a huge crowd this year of 10,000 to the Cedar Rapids Hilton Convention Complex. CRCC entrance on the day of was only $15 and completely worth it! As one of the Midwest’s most affordable geek conventions, it’s gaining popularity and should be on your bucket list of cons to attend.

Cosplay was top notch and guests were friendly and engaging. Non-costume attendees were not shy to take pictures and conversation flowed easily. Some food was available but perhaps a suggestion is to work up the amount of geedunk a little for snacking and recharging.

This year the show had gaming and con floor expanded and separated to two floors which worked well and cut down on congestion. The main floor had vendors, artists, and exhibitors mixed with cosplay guests and attendees.

The gaming floor was where tabletop and video gaming action happened and panel sessions were scheduled.

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Lots of families, couples, groups and unique cosplays were sighted. This con gets a 4.1 out of 5 thumbs up for being down right Midwest friendly! Distance from Chicago was about 3.5 hours, similar to Grand Rapids and Indianapolis. Not bad for a day trip with sightseeing incorporated.

Great history stops like Herbert Hoover’s house is 30 minutes away in West Branch, IA, with the Buffalo Bill Museum and American Pickers TV show site located in LaClaire, IA is about an hour away. Totally worth it and tons to see!

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Great things are coming for this fun, truly Midwest comic convention – go next year and be a part of the greatness!

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