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ConReview: Colossus Con – Merced 2016

The very First Colossus Con was this past Saturday September 17th, and was held at the Merced County Fairgrounds. As I have always said how I enjoy the smaller locally run shows, I decided to head out. The event took place in Yosemite Hall at the fairgrounds. There were plenty of vendors and artist along with fan groups that filled the con floor. Some of the fan groups include the 1701st fleet, the 501st legion and The Royal Manticoran Navy. Featured Guest of the event included Buck Rogers reunion with Gil Gerard and Felix Silla. A separate room housed a full classic arcade with games such as Double Dragon, Street Fighter 2 and Defender.

Food and entertainment could be had at the Maid Manor Café, which was held on the grass across from the dealer room, although a couple of booths in the dealers room did sell chips and drinks. One of the booths was selling drinks to raise money for kids from the Ronald McDonald house to send children to a major convention.


While I was at Colossus Con I had the pleasure of meeting the author, S C Alban, who is about to release a second book of a series. Look for my interview with her soon.


This may have been a first year event, but people lined up for most of the day to attend including lots of cosplayers and fans. This is defiantly you Family Pop Culture Convention. I had a great time catching up with old friends, Jeffrey Weissman of Back to the Future Fame and meeting new ones. It seemed that everybody that attended had a great time.

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Already scheduled is Colossus Con Pleasanton at the Alameda County Fairgrounds April 8th, 2017 if you can’t wait that long this producer has another show this year Campbell Con October 29th.

As in my previous content I am a photographer, many call me a photo journalist as I tell my story through pictures.  Enjoy some pictures from the show. More pictures soon.

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More photos on the next page.

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