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ConReview: Indy PopCon 2016

IndyPopCon, Pt 2, Indy Pop Con, cosplay, anime, anime cosplay, Marvel, Captain AMerica, DC Comics, Watchmen, Waldo, Deadpool08Indy PopCon was incredible in scheduling, guests, podcasters, cosplay and freebies. Artists, writers, podcasters and cosplay guests stole the show and impressed the fans and attendees with their charm.

Cosplayers, this is the place to be for pics!! Among the 20+ photos present, talented Steve Kaminsky and Eddie B were on hand as well, providing incredible shots both in and out of the con. A cosplay garden featuring a location directly outside of the entrance for group and individual shots was held daily.


Next IndyPopCon is already scheduled for 7-9 July, 2017. Enjoy the first gallery of cosplay from this 3rd year up and coming convention held annually in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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