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ConReview: Kansas City Comicon 2016

kansas-city-comicon-cosplay-atlanta-anime-star-wars-animecosplay-marvel-disco-deadpool-deadpool-dragoncon-parade-bill-murray04Kansas City Comicon always has high caliber talent attend with incredible cosplay construction. KCCC always takes my breath away with what this absolutely awesome and creative community comes up with next! They are passionate about cosplay!

Interested in the Kansas area cosplay scene? Check out KC Cosplay & Photography or Topeka Cosplay Society, they are great groups, fun folks and some of the best cosplay around!


Photographer Chuck Mason captured costumes snaps in a gallery quality format, it was exciting to see his skills and folks in breathtaking pics.

Kansas City Comicon gets a 4.0 out of 5 thumbs up for friendly atmosphere, incredible cosplay and central location. Great job and can’t wait – 2017!!!

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