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ConReview: Milwaukee Comic Con 2017

Milwaukee Comic Con, hosted by Might Con had their first year in the Wisconsin Fair Grounds full of packed parking, great comic artists and entrance lines far into the afternoon – ultimate success!

After years of growing bigger, better and larger they did it and succeeded while kids were still free, you got a free comic at the door and entrance fees stayed at $5 per adult! Can’t beat all that and great comic book deals too!

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Cosplay has been growing at this convention by leaps and bounds, bringing costumers from Indiana, Illinois and locals in their best costumes.

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This little con has grown to almost a medium size convention with continuing potential to move to a 5-10,000 attendee event in the next few years! It gets 3.8 out of 5 thumbs up for growth, potential and a great time with lots of comic books, artists and a growing number of cosplay attendees.

If you’re in the Midwest area come check it out next year. Better yet, check out Mighty Cons other events coming up in Dupage County on 25 February and Madison Comic Con on 19 March. Check out info updates on

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