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ConReview: Milwaukee Comic Con

Milwaukee Comic Con, run by Mighty Con, was a sensation this year! It’s only been in the Milwaukee fairgrounds for a few years but this year lines were almost 30 minutes long to get in and they were filled to capacity by early afternoon! Great news for Milwaukee and cosplayers!

Cheap admission and a free comic makes this family convention even more welcoming and fun. How’s play heavy, because she and contest gives everyone a chance to show us, perform and get their technique out and about!


This is a great little convention, So wouldn’t be surprised if we will see them moving to an even larger location in the next year or two. Outgrowing the old Serbian Hall where they used to hold this convention, they will definitely outgrow this facility Quick fast and in a hurry the way attendance has been skyrocketing up!

Milwaukee is a great town, great food and lots of craft beer So lunch and snacks before and after the event are doable, close and of good quality!

Save 20 on all pre-order statues at!

This convention gets four thumbs up and a solid message of, great convention, good artists and lots of cosplay! Get it on the list for next year – no regrets!!!


Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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