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ConReview: New York Comic Con  2017 Gallery 1

New York Comic Con  2017 is in full swing with freebies, photo booths, artists and guests stepping up, impressing the crowd and trending upward.

Cosplay is hot, creative, mashed and sometimes so accurate you think it’s really the actor looking at you!
So much to see and so little time (it seems), to do or experience everything!

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Reflections of the con include excitement that diversity spears to finally be a full part of the cosplay crowd, social statements seem to be intertwined in about 1/4 of the costumes and everyone wants to flip off the camera. Social statements and free speech aside (which I truly respect), it’s hard to truly appreciate the work and creativity put into a costume when there’s a huge middle finger duo in the middle of the shot. That’s the only negative I saw, seriously! Everyone was friendly, with the exception of a certain Rogue One hangry and yelling cosplayer.

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If you make it here to con Valhalla through the marathon phone wait for tickets, create an ill cosplay lineup and travel to this incredible NYC cityscape you will see the East Coast ‘ComicCon’ and be forever hooked!
Enjoy unique, off the beaten track yet beautiful con floor photos below and get hot on monitoring ticket sales for next years show!!!


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