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ConReview: New York Comic Con, NYCC 2016

New York Comic Con, a Reed Pop event is amazing this year as diversity reigns supreme this year, a fantastic feat and something NYCC should be proud of and tout endlessly. All ages, sizes, ethinicities, genders and characters are here this year – it’s phenomenally exciting! Comics, comic books, gaming and cosplay are for everyone, everywhere.

The convention is on at 10am and vendor floors close at 7pm with artist alley shutting it’s doors at 8pm, providing autographers time to enjoy the event with extra time to meander artist alley.

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Panels filled quick and convention lines are long but surprisingly a fast que. Cosplayers strutted their stuff, posed in character and managed to impress at every opportunity!

NYCC so far gets 4.0 thumbs up out of 5, for tons of freebies and even more free themed photo booths than last year. Star Trek’s Enterprise popular photo booth has the longest wait time with Marvel’s IronFist GIF photo booth as the second most popular. Great stuff here! Editing continues, watch for more cosplay pics!

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