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ConReview: Northwest Indiana Comic-Con

Northwest Indiana Comic-Con, a mid-west smaller con is jam-packed with artists, vendors and a serious amount of intense cosplayers and photographers. Keeping true to their small entrance fee ($8 per adult, $2 per child) and link to comics, creators and fandom lovers NWI ways away from actors and celebrities.
The tight-knit Indiana and Illinois cosplay community comes out in droves every year to support this attendee-centric convention. Show costume contests overflow with contestants in fair and numerous categories couples with the most entertaining MC, Luis Marquez. Luis is a local favorite well known for his Barf from Mel Brooks film, Spaceballs.

Interested? With good reason. This convention gets a 4.2 out of 5 thumbs up for comic book selections, cosplay friendly atmosphere and their costume contests! Cosplay centric in Websters Dictionary has NWI Comic-Con next to it! NWI will return in 2018 on 25 February in the Halls Of St. George, Schererville, IN from 11am -7pm.

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